Lovely light this morning

Lovely light this morning

From the moment I saw the gleam of sun through the gaps around the curtains this morning I thought that it would be a lovely day for a few photos. As soon as I had a bit of coffee down my throat I buckled on my 70-200mm lens and headed out with the dogs.

Although it was quite a while after dawn the sun was still low with that gorgeous golden quality that so suits this time of year. The fallen leaves and dead bracken make such a great backdrop for my Vizslas and combined with the warm quality to the light, it almost looks surreal.

Shooting down sun gives that rich colour we expect but I tried a few into the low light which has the benefit of rim lighting the dogs hair but takes some of the richness of the colour away. They both have their qualities but I particularly like this shot. It was hard to achieve as I had to focus through the reeds so that Blue’s eyes were in focus but I like the idea of her half hidden and peeping through the cover.


Not only dogs!


Haven’t picked up my camera in the past few days so I thought I would post something from my library. I took this during a lion walk I did on the island of Mauritius a while back. With lions around no wonder all the a Dodos disappeared!


An early Christmas

Plenty of work coming up… hoping that the weather breaks and we get some decent light.  High speed outdoor shooting isn’t easy at this time of the year when conditions are often heavily overcast!

At last I am in a position to get a new work computer and once I learn Mac speak I will hopefully be able to speed up my post processing.  My current machine takes about 5 hours to download a 20 gig shoot via USB 2 but, I am reliably told, that a Thunderbolt port will do it before I even get to plug it in!

Can’t wait.


Jumping for joy as I am kicking off a blog linked to the new web site. This is all about streamlining my efforts so that I can produce and post images efficiently as well as providing a product service to those who wish it.  I can’t wait to get everything up and running but keeping it under wraps until it is polished and fit for use!