Bio: A professional photographer who specialises in gundog images.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Nick…thought I’d send you this here rather than keep talking to you on Twitter…I’m the woman (Liz Pyper) in Toronto with the schnauzer (Hanna) who is pondering coming to have you shoot her when you’re in Detroit at the end of Feb. A couple of questions: 1 – I assume you’re flying in on the 29th so you would want to do the photos on Tues March 1st before you head home??? 2 – Cost – pls let me know…not the biggest consideration for me but a consideration nonetheless. 3. Location – we’d have to work that out but it might be easiest for me to drive down on the 29th and stay over so we could meet at your convenience for the photos. Is this really feasible for you or would it just be a big pain for you to have to do it on a trip…don’t want it to be an inconvenience. Let me know your thoughts…thanks…LOVE your photos and it would be fun to meet you after feeling I “know” you from APG…Regards…Liz P

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