Mollie the Munsterlander

What a wonderful breed the Munsterlander is! This was my first time photographing this gundog breed which originates, funnily enough, in Munsterlander, Germany. A sleek and elegant breed it’s an offshoot of the GLP the German Longhaired Pointer. Mollie certainly lived up to my expectations and she was a delight to photograph, even if she decided to dunk herself in a puddle which gave her quite a ‘different’ look!

With a keen nose, Mollie roved well ahead which made it a little difficult getting tight shots but then opened up some opportunities for putting her in a landscape instead.

She came with her great friend Roo, who I have photographed in the past and it was obvious that they were great friends.

Both their owners like the idea of another shoot when the weather turns frosty or snowy and I have to say that it’s a great idea for a slightly unusual shoot that will look great on your Christmas Cards!

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