Puppies Galore!

Nothing quite as likely to get an awwwwww as 8 squiggly puppies… unless you’re are trying to corral them into a line up? Just finished working on Georgina’s lovely litter and they were a handful to be sure. The photos don’t really show the bedlam, apart from a few?

Eventually we had to get Mum to give them a little feed and then, at last, they began to quieten down. Tula wasn’t too impressed either!

But with full tummies they all started to cooperate… a bit anyway!

At last, the job was done and everyone was happy. I’m sure that the new homes these wonderful little bundles go to will be delighted with the sharp little teeth and needle claws but I’ll be suffering the wounds for a while.

Going to miss these lovely pups but I hope their new owners will think of bringing them back so I can see what wonderful dogs they have grown up into.

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