More Smelly dogs!

Sorry, couldn’t resist but I have just spent another fascinating day with Georgie Armstrong at one of her K9 Scent Training workshops. This venue was yet another test for both dogs and owners as it was a Transport Yard and an environment the dogs would not be familiar with.

Georgie chose spots amongst huge vehicles, cargo containers and other industrial areas that were available to her. It certainly put the dogs and their handlers through their paces and by the end of the day, a hot one, everyone was looking a little tired!

From my point of view, it was another great opportunity to capture images of working scent dogs and I enjoyed every moment. Some of the images I got were funny…

and others showed just how hard the handler and dog teams were working.

All in all, another brilliant day and I can thoroughly recommend all that K9 Brain Training do to help you keep your dogs brains working and senses honed!

You can find K9 Brain Training here and the full album of images from the day in my Gallery here.

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