K9 Brain Training at the Madejski Stadium

I’ve found it Mum!

A couple of days ago I was following a number of keen scent dog owners around the huge Madejski Stadium in Reading. They were undergoing training from Wesley Visscher, a Dutch expert on the subject and a guest instructor who had flown over specifically to cover the difficulties involved in clearing a large event location.

I was there to photograph the dogs at work and was delighted with the results but sadly I won’t be able to put up a gallery on my Website. The day, which was forecast to have a good measure of sunlight, sadly proved to be gloomy and dull. Without adequate light levels it was necessary to increase the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor which results in more noise on the image. Noise resembles speckles and it is possible to blend it in but that reduces the sharpness of the photograph… something that I feel is unacceptable when capturing a great image.

When the photographs are viewed at less than full size, the noise and softness are invisible but when I put images up for sale I need to feel confident that my customers will get a perfect image whether they select a small download or a large piece of wall art. As such I didn’t feel that it was right to charge for these photographs and I have donated them to K9 Brain Training and thence to the dog owners.

I look forward to attending future training events and trust the weather will be kinder next time.