Roo and Rachel

Roo flying through the bracken

On my last post you may remember I mentioned photographing a dog scent training class at K9 Brain Training.  One of the lovely dogs there was Roo the Fox Red Lab.  I was lucky enough to get Roo’s owner, Rachel, to give Roo her own photoshoot and here are a few of the results.

Roo is a great dog, full of personality, verve and vigor so it was a delight to get a chance to photograph her.

She also lived up to his reputation of jumping like a kangaroo and being a wonderful funny dog that keeps her family in stitches!

If you want to see Roo’s full gallery of images, take a look here.

K9 Brain Training

Georgina and Tulla

I first met Georgina when she was involved with a Search and Rescue group and I was shooting images for them during a training session.  She and her partner, Phillip, trained a number of their dogs to become qualified scent dogs but since then, Georgina has started classes to train other dogs and their owners.

Phillip with his Search and Rescue dogs.

I was recently given the opportunity to watch Georgina at work training some spaniels and a lovely Fox Red Lab in an industrial area near Farnborough and hope to return to photograph other classes in the future.  It was great to see these dog’s owners putting their animals through the various tasks and to see the fun that everyone was having.  There was little doubt that the dogs were enjoying the work which encouraged them to use their natural talents and incredible scenting capability.

Weather permitting, I shall be returning to join K9 Brain Training on the 1st of December to get some more images of the dogs taking part and can recommend Georgina’s classes… she is a great instructor and her pupils certainly get a lot from her classes. She has a facebook page at: