The Dragonflies are out!


When the squirrels and birds aren’t playing, our Rusty likes nothing better than to leap through the wet areas where we walk chasing dragonflies.  Her teeth flash as she leaps and bounds around, trying to catch those elusive insects that are intent of avoiding her.


She often freezes, stock still, just waiting for that moment when the iridescent creatures take to the air, then… the game is on!


Her athletic leaps become more energetic as her jaws snap on thin air.


Occasionally, however, her prey isn’t quite fast enough and she gets within striking range!


And snap, she has a mouthful of crunchy insect.  Mind you, I’m really not sure that the taste is truly worth all that effort!


This is wonderful weather for photography, so if you are thinking of getting some photographs of your athletic gun dog, or any pet come to that, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Nick Anderson Photographic


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