They Shoot Horses Don’t They?

Kings Park 2nd Proofs-3744Not my usual fare but I really enjoyed the change of pace when recently shooting for Kings Park Equine Clinic.  A fabulously equipped establishment who were updating their website and needed a set of updated images to publish gave me a great opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Kings Park Proofs-2759

The vets were all equipped with travelling test equipment in their vehicles and most of their work is done at a client’s stables, but just in case a horse came from a distance away the clinic also had everything necessary on site.

Kings Park Proofs-2429

To offset the images of treatment and veterinary equipment the practice also wanted some shots of healthy animals in a less clinical environment so off to a local field to get some more picturesque images… all of which went very well.

Kings Park 2nd Proofs-3129

So quite a change from capturing Gun Dogs racing around at 40 mph but, nevertheless, a great fun shoot.

4 thoughts on “They Shoot Horses Don’t They?”

  1. Vizslas are fun and brilliant. But, nothing beats the beauty and majesty of a horse. And many are as brilliant and loyal as Vizslas. And I know from experience (Bailey, a very lively 22 year old). Oh, and horses don’t chew everything in the house and jump on everything. (Vizsla Kislany 5 months old.) If you ever have a long layover in Providence, RI (PVD), maybe you would be willing to take photos of my Bailey? And, Kislany who learned early the “Vizsla pose” whenever she sees my iPhone. Both are smarter than me. 😦

  2. Kislany and I are working on training. (But, I’m a slow learner.) If I am successful in teaching her off site obedience, sit, stand, stay, recall, etc. before you retire, maybe Kislany and I can drive up to Boston for a photo at the Boston Public Gardens. Lovely location. You may even want to check it out if you have an extended layover. You could get some lovely photos. Especially in the spring.

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