Emma’s Home Shoot Complete.

Emma 2-308

It took a couple of goes to complete Emma’s shoot as a quick dunking in her local river put paid to my first attempt!  Now she has finished making her choice of images and her Auction Prize is complete.  It will soon be time for the London & Surrey Vizwhizz group to start their grand Christmas Auction and, as usual, I will be offering a home shoot as a prize.  Unlike previous years the prize will only cover the cost of the shoot (currently £125) and won’t include prints or downloads; those will be available for purchase from my website.


New Shoot Price.

Rusty and Rugs-1388

Time for a little housekeeping!

I have simplified my pricing for a photoshoot to a single price and for the Autumn that is only £125.

That is amazing value for a professional shoot which you can tailor to your needs.  We can go for a portrait session, an action shoot or a combination of the two.  It can last a morning, an afternoon or stretch out a bit to get the best of the day if needs be.  Its up to you!

So if you have been thinking of getting a shoot organised then now is the time.  Go to my website click the Contact tab and get in touch.