Sol and Luka

Sol and Luka-6568

Sol and Luka got the Nick Anderson Photographic treatment recently and I am working on the proofs that I will soon present to Laura and Bern.  The studio work went brilliantly and I was delighted with the results.   All four of my subjects worked hard and were great models, albeit with quite different qualities.  Bern is a real character and although he looks a bit daunting he is a lovely guy and a quality musician.  Laura has a real sparkle and beautiful looks with skin tones to die for!  However, I was there to photograph their Vizslas who were also quite different.  Luka is a little monkey and always full of fun whilst Sol takes his time to get to know you and even by the end of the day stayed a little aloof.

Shooting outdoors at this time of the day is often difficult with short daylight hours, a low sun and plenty of dreary cloud!  Our day wasn’t good with heavy overcast and low light levels.  It becomes a balancing act between getting the best settings for the shoot whilst trying to avoid the noise that accompanies high ISO settings.  Inevitably, towards the end of the shoot the light started to fade fast and I am now working hard trying to get the best out the last hour’s shoot.

The shot above was towards the end of the outdoor session and although I didn’t manage to get any big splashes the calm water gave me some great reflections.  I wish we had had a bit of sunshine to light things up a bit but to be fair, the results we got were great.

Can’t wait to hear what Laura and Bern think!


One thought on “Sol and Luka”

  1. So very excited about receiving the proofs Nick. You worked wonders and to say Sol was a little aloof is putting it mildly… he just wanted to hide in the bedroom all day but you got some great shots. The ones of Sol and I were a particular challenge as Luka decided that was the time he wanted to give Uncle Nick big kisses. A great day and we love the shots we’ve seen and can’ wait for the rest!

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