New Logo

New Logo

I have been working behind the scenes revamping my business.  I am well on the way to getting a professional web site organised that will allow my clients much more freedom to select and use the photos I take.  The aim is to charge a basic price for a shoot and then allow customers to purchase as many photos as they want from the portfolio.  This means they won’t be paying for more photos than they want or for expensive full licenced photos when they only want a single print.

This is a great business model for both the photographer and the client.  It will also allow whizz photos to be easily ordered directly from the website without me having to quote per image.  If it works as I imagine there will be a choice of either downloading the image file or ordering prints and other products directly.

There is still a lot of work to be done developing the site as well as checking print quality and workmanship of the various products on offer but I think it has the potential to take Nick Anderson Photographic to the next level.

New Logo as well!


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