Landscapes from Table Mountain

Inches from a nasty end!

Landscape photography isn’t one of my favourite genres but I often use an interesting landscape in my photography so a good knowledge of the techniques is important.  When I have a hound in the picture I often throw the landscape into a soft focus so that the subject is clearly defined.  More traditional landscapes are clearly sharp from foreground to infinity so to achieve this a small aperture (large f stop) is required, so today I used Av (Aperture priority) with f 16 set.  The camera changes the speed to set the exposure so I needed to have the ISO high enough to keep it around 1/200th or so.  A small aperture combined with a descent wide angle lens gives an impressively large depth of field which goes from a couple of feet to infinity.

The other element of great landscapes is good light and the best is found within the golden hours of dawn and dusk.  This image isn’t taken with that beautiful light to help it but it is a dramatic view and is early enough to have some nice low shadows to encourage it.  The main problem with getting this angle was the need to stand on the edge of a rock over a 1000ft fall… not the most sensible action for someone with two dodgy knees and an arthritic hip!  What it really needs is a ginger Vizsla sitting on the rock.


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